Leading to Greatness

This high-level program shows leaders how to augment their day-to-day management skills with the ability to inspire organizations to the highest levels of performance.

People Leaders/Managers


Virtual or In-Person

It’s one thing to manage a team, but it’s an entirely different beast when it comes to leading a large group or organization effectively. Managing is about getting things done as consistently and efficiently as possible. Leading is about deciding what things should get done, charting the course, and inspiring people to feel that they are part of something larger than themselves. Managers have direct reports; leaders have followers.

In this dynamic program, great managers learn what it means to take it to the next level as they strive to become inspirational leaders. Our focus is on best practices, not philosophy. Leaders discover how to identify, create, and communicate a strong vision and how to get buy in from their team. Learning in this advanced workshop comes by doing, working through real-world scenarios to bring the concepts to life, and allowing leaders to lean on our expert trainer for real-time advice.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Create and communicate a vision that inspires teams and motivates action

Establish inclusion and transparency to create an open and encouraging environment

Maintain a healthy balance between the needs of the business and needs of the team

Champion collaborative problem-solving and work through difficult challenges with courage

Instill commitment to the team by strengthening the cohort’s connection

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