Mentoring High Performance: Skills for Mentors/Mentees

This hands-on program helps mentors and mentees build a strong, productive, and inspiring partnership.

People Leaders/Managers


Virtual or In-Person

Strong mentor relationships can boost employee retention, build better leaders, and attract new employees – all while providing a fun, enriching experience for mentors and mentees alike. In this interactive program, we share key strategies for both mentors and mentees to make the most of their partnership. Mentors learn how to be a good coach, provide structure, maintain confidentiality and offer guidance without giving answers. Mentees learn how to set goals, understand an outside perspective, and discover new ideas without asking for the answer. All participants discuss what makes a powerful mentor relationship and the importance of maintaining a mentee-driven partnership.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Develop a strong mentorship relationship that is guided by goals and mentee-driven

Initiate a partnership that is founded upon the principles of trust and communication

Establish and discuss relatable topics and clear boundaries

Understand expectations and roles of the mentor and mentee

Offer guidance in an effort to push, challenge and expect greatness

Embrace the role and growth opportunity with confidence and enthusiasm

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