Navigating Change

This engaging program gives staff the skills they need to navigate through change successfully.

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Change is not easy. When an organization transforms the way it does business, there is a rollercoaster of emotions and reactions – and not that many smiley face emojis. Even when the change is needed, the transition can be difficult, frustrating and even immobilizing if it isn’t communicated properly. As an individual, how do you navigate the stages of change and follow in the path of leadership? How do you work successfully on a team when times are tough?

In this dynamic, information-packed program, we give participants the tools they need to navigate change successfully. Attendees learn about the four stages of change and how to be a team player when the path forward is uncertain. Most importantly, participants have a chance to practice and apply the principles to their own unique situation.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Recognize the stages of change and manage the situation purposefully

Provide constant and open communication to build trust

Understand how to best adjust during the different waves of change

Overcome resistance and navigate difficult situations effectively and directly

Champion a “we’re in this together” attitude on their team

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