OK Boomer: Managing Up in a Multigenerational World

This enlightening and entertaining program gives young professionals the insight, perspective, and strategies to succeed in the workplace today.

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For Generation Z, understanding your Millennial, Gen X, or Boomer manager can be a tricky proposition. Whether you are tackling a first-time project, asking for feedback, or inquiring about advancement opportunities, there is no syllabus to guide you through these tough topics. As a young professional, you might be comfortable with structure and collaboration but not all generations have the same priorities and working style.

Our mantra is that no generation is better or worse – every generation is just different. The group discovers perceptions of all the generations, including their own, to truly understand what has shaped them. They will recognize what makes their managers tick, and learn how they typically like to work. Importantly, we discuss how Generation Z can dispel perceived entitlement, embrace feedback, understand a manager’s style, and display initiative to get ahead.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Make positive impressions on Millennials, Gen Xers, & Boomers by avoiding missteps in work habits

Expertly handle requests for additional guidance or resources

Come with solutions, display initiative, and go above and beyond

Embrace praise and correction without getting defensive

Take reasonable risks, but respect boundaries

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