Presenting When You’re Not in the Room

This program provides strategies and techniques to enable participants to captivate a remote or hybrid audience.

Individual Contributors


Virtual or In-Person

These days, virtual meetings are overflowing with “I think you’re on mute,” “…has joined the meeting,” and the blank screen of a Zoom call with no cameras turned on. If most people had their way, they’d never participate in another video meeting again, but this isn’t an option with more and more virtual meetings on varying platforms. Professionals need to master the art of engaging a multitasking audience. This program gives participants the inside tips and techniques needed to deliver effective virtual and hybrid presentations. Attendees learn how to communicate a memorable message without being cheesy or cliché, navigate tricky technology woes, and incorporate new methods that drive engagement and participation. Everyone leaves with a plan of attack to make their next call purposeful, engaging, and succinct.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Structure an efficient call by preparing ahead of time and plotting flow

Create a proactive strategy to mitigate potential technology woes

Maintain poise and connection when things don’t go as planned

Increase energy and enthusiasm to drive audience interest

Improve attention span by encouraging consistent participation

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