Presenting with Power and Persuasion

This practical program utilizes live presenting and one-on-one feedback to perfect presentations.



Virtual or In-Person

Everyone knows fun, talkative, charismatic individuals who transform into boring, lifeless creatures when it’s time to make an official presentation or statement to an audience. For whatever reason, the perception is that business presentations must be stiff and formal. This interactive program breaks the traditional rules of public speaking and offers specific tips and new ideas for bringing presentations to life. No matter how weak or strong of a presenter you think you are, this session improves your confidence and abilities as a powerful and persuasive communicator.

Participants don’t just hear tips–they are practicing live and leave ready to ace their next presentation. We even record each presentation for self-review! Each participant delivers a presentation, receives feedback, and benefits from one-on-one time with the facilitator to hone their skills and make enhancements. Through this experience, presenters overcome performance anxiety, gain confidence, and master techniques to develop and deliver effective presentations. This is an intense and powerful course where improvements are seen right away.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Structure an effective presentation to meet audience needs and personal objectives

Reduce stress and tension related to delivering presentations

Create presentation openings that command attention and interest

Deliver a powerful message with poise and style

Identify strengths, areas of improvement, and an action plan for continuous development

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