Reboot Interviewing and Hiring

This enlightening program explains everything you need to know to bust bias in the selection process and hire diverse candidates.

HR/Talent Acquisition

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Virtual or In-Person

Building a strong, diverse team is crucial to business success. Employee onboarding, training, and retention can cost up to 200% of annual salary, making it a business imperative to foster a sense of belonging within the interview process and hire amazing candidates who bring a diverse wealth of knowledge. It is one thing to source diverse talent, and it’s quite another to create an inclusive interviewing and hiring experience from start to finish. The biggest issue is that most professionals never learn how to interview, making the hiring decision a high-stakes gamble. Hiring diverse talent is simply too important to leave to chance! It’s all about creating a conversation, asking behavioral questions, and probing on key skills. Participants leave this workshop with tangible take-aways for creating the most inclusive and effective interviewing and selection practices.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Develop solutions to remove blockers, obstacles, and prevent bias in the selection process

Structure questions to prevent bias and understand candidates’ true behaviors

Conduct behavioral interviews that uncover identified competencies and transferable skills

Probe to create authentic conversations and better understand potential

Create inclusive and consistent assessment methods

Reduce bias in the hiring process to prevent diverse talent from slipping through the cracks

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