Resolving Conflict

This program provides guidance in respectfully resolving issues with colleagues, managers, clients and execs.

Individual Contributors


Virtual or In-Person

You’ve been waiting for the right moment to address an issue, and things went off the rails. One edgy email started a silent war, your boss went from annoying to micromanaging, and your coworker cut you completely out of the loop. It’s time to have “the talk” …and not in a text message.

Sharing concerns with colleagues, managers, execs, or even clients takes skill, practice, and finesse. This program provides tactful tools to approach conflict with coworkers of all levels. We share helpful tricks to elicit conversation, encourage participation, and achieve consensus. Participants practice listening skills through a variety of exercises to hone their ability to empathize with colleagues and open up to differing viewpoints. Everyone leaves with clarity and courage to improve working relationships and resolve conflict eloquently.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Understand the importance of strong listening skills

Determine when conflict is worth discussion

Lead feedback conversations with questions and endorsements

Provide recommendations that align with team or business impact

Discuss issues directly, avoiding misunderstandings or derailers

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