Rewire Recruiting

This enlightening program explains everything you need to know to source and recruit diverse talent authentically and effectively.

HR/Talent Acquisition

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Virtual or In-Person

Diversity recruitment is sales. Effective diversity recruitment has to be customer-centric; it has to focus on the candidate and has to be designed and executed like a sales campaign. The traditional approaches such as post and pray, employee referral programs, and positioning in mainstream market channels won’t suffice. It’s about creating and living your value proposition so diverse candidates are attracted to your organization and can see themselves belonging there. Then it’s about intentionally building a pipeline with a recruitment strategy and clear diversity recruitment goals. Easy to say; harder to do.

In this interactive program, participants first think strategically about their organization’s story, purpose, and plan for the future. After brainstorming their value proposition, the group jumps into tactical techniques for developing a recruitment strategy, setting clear and measurable goals, and determining the process to move candidates through the pipeline. Just like a sales organization makes it easy for customers to do business with them, employers need to make it easy for diverse talent to navigate their process. It’s the perfect mix of strategic and tactical insights to lay a strong foundation for sourcing, hiring, and retaining diverse talent.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Recognize potential barriers and opportunity areas in each step of sourcing and recruiting

Develop an authentic story, purpose, and value proposition for attracting diverse candidates

Mitigate bias in sourcing and increase diversity in talent pools

Establish a process to move diverse candidates through the pipeline and address unique needs


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