Storytelling: Bring Business Ideas to Life

This engaging program teaches participants how to use the art of storytelling to enhance the effectiveness of presentations.

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You know that friend who can captivate the attention of seemingly anyone because of their impressive storytelling skills? Or what about that podcast that has you sitting in your garage for an extra 10 minutes until the episode is over? What about the shine in a child’s eye when you read them a fairytale? That’s the power of storytelling, and this magic doesn’t need to be lost in the business world. The difference between disseminating information and truly bringing it to life lies in the compelling force of stories. For drier topics (like that New Hire Orientation you delivered last week), these stories provide an engaging twist on monotonous material.

In this riveting course, we share ways to relate to any audience and infuse anecdotes into your presentations. Charts, numbers, graphs, statistics, and business strategies can all be conveyed as exhilarating dramas – it’s up to the storyteller to find that underlying essence and tale. Participants learn the key elements of a narrative and how to parlay their natural storytelling skills in a professional setting. With practice opportunities and activities, everyone learns how to evoke emotion and connect to your audience with an unforgettable message.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Craft an exciting narrative in typical business situations

Simplify complex ideas using illuminating analogies

Make points more memorable and relatable with anecdotes

Avoid lecturing, technical jargon, and off-putting formality

Tap into four unique techniques for developing authentic stories

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