Stress Management Hacks to Banish Burnout

This engaging program empowers participants to set boundaries and preserve energy in order to prevent and overcome burnout at work.

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Individual Development

Virtual or In-Person

Remote work, dispersed teams, isolation, a PANDEMIC…this is just a sampling of the many challenges your employees are facing. 41% of workers in the U.S. report feeling burned out.  If there were any boundaries between work and life remaining, those were shattered as our work entered our homes on a more full-time (or over-time!) basis. And weren’t we saying we were too busy before all of this? Leaders and employees are being stretched to the limit, and burnout is just around the corner if we can’t find and maintain balance in our lives. What are those tangible tips for reclaiming your days, your time…and your sanity? Balance – what does it even mean? And how can we intentionally create it? Let’s take some time to define how we can operate most effectively and productively in this new world of work – here, there, or anywhere.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Know your limits and create space to connect, disconnect, energize, and decompress

Recognize the adverse effects of overcommitting, overscheduling, and overworking

Implement strategies for practicing self-awareness and reducing stress

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