Tell It Like It Is: Critical Conversations with Direct Reports

This program teaches managers how to have tough talks with direct reports, getting key points across regardless of different reactions.

People Leaders/Managers


Virtual or In-Person

It’s not enough to wait until an annual review to give constructive feedback to your direct reports. 65% of workers want more feedback, and it’s your job as a manager to provide it – especially when it comes to corrective action. Is it a glaring error that can never happen again, or a disturbing trend that’s becoming a concern? Delivering compelling actionable feedback to a direct report can be hard, but we provide all the tools to make it happen. Managing others also requires clarity and foresight to manage conflicts and settle disputes. How can you ensure success and understanding when mediating between reports?

This program is an essential course for all people leaders. Participants will learn how to assess opportunities to deliver constructive criticism and leave with tools to provide helpful mediation on a team. Setup is the key to ensuring buy-in, and this program provides devices and criterium to create a framework for effective feedback conversations. The program concludes with a situational simulation using a method practiced by professional mediators.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Decide whether a situation warrants intervention

Consider success factors in how feedback is received

Build a case, anticipate defensiveness, and prepare responses

Avoid common mistakes that can undermine effective feedback

Mediate contentious conversations between people

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