The 2.0 Accelerator: Think Tank & Strategy

This is a participant-driven, facilitative think tank where you find real solutions to real challenges. Everyone walks away with a strategic mindset and a specific plan to implement.

Accelerate your learning and impact in this immersive 2.0 program. All JB workshops can be followed by a 2.0 course to reinforce the learning, offer more time to collaborate with peers, and provide dedicated space to build a strategy and plan for moving forward on a specific topic.

In this interactive session, participants can ask that burning question or share a specific challenge they are experiencing following the workshop – and then everyone has the dedicated time to problem solve around it. This 2.0 workshop experience provides the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and develop a strategic and tactical plan on a critical topic. Our expert facilitator guides the group through the process, asks difficult questions, helps the team work through road blocks, and supports the creation of powerful and effective next steps. It’s hands-on and customized to your audience.

Everyone walks out with a roadmap for success:

Top 5 challenges or opportunity areas

4 team commitments

3 individual commitments

2 checkpoints for continued learning

1 accountability partner

    Participants leave this program with the ability to:

    Understand opportunity areas and challenges for your team and organization

    Create a strategic and actionable plan that can be implemented right away

    Recognize priorities, streamline efforts, and align on next steps

    Rally and collaborate around a relevant business topic

    Bring real solutions and strategy to a critical challenge

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