We Can Work It Out: Collaborating Across Generations

This eye-opening program takes the guesswork out of working across the generations and offers tactical advice to promote collaboration among multigenerational teams.


collaboration; Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Virtual or In-Person

There are four generations in the workplace, all with different assets that can help your team thrive, if you know how to unlock that potential. Millennial managers are working side-by-side gritty Gen Z interns and new hires, and independent Generation Xers are clashing with team-oriented Boomers. With the new world of hybrid work, the Great Resignation, and burnout on the rise, understanding how to collaborate with all generations is integral to engaging and retaining great employees.

Through a look at historical trends, participants discover the key differences between the generations and the defining experiences that rocked their world and shaped them at work. Everyone identifies common workplace tendencies and learns tips to create an open dialogue and promote collaboration. We identify the innate variations in generational attitudes by introducing the “Old School” versus “New School” mindset when it comes to feedback, motivation, promotions, patience, flexibility, and more. Participants immediately put these techniques and best practices into action by working through real-world situations.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Understand the societal trends that shaped each generation

Create an environment of collaboration among differing generations

Adjust their approach when giving feedback or assigning tasks to colleagues

Implement specific techniques for partnering with individuals from diverse generations

Remember that no generation is better or worse – just really different!

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