Sabrina Smith

Get to Know Sabrina

Sabrina Smith is a passionate and “edutaining” (think educating + entertaining) leader, performance coach, speaker, and corporate trainer. With over 20 years of leadership and training experience, she has found that people perform best when they have the knowledge, tools, and support to accomplish their goals.  Sabrina has shared her expertise with large corporations such as U.S. Cellular, DIRECTV, Ameritech, and Equifax. 

Sabrina believes that the fortified strengths of unique individuals are core ingredients for corporate success. Her facilitative style emulates a collaborative leadership approach and thrives most when she’s empowering people to be authentic communicators. Sabrina’s personal growth journey has taught her that when you foster an environment of transparency and trust, you transform minds; and transformed minds, transform performance.

Sabrina can be found on her off days spending time with family and friends, trying out a new recipe, or watching a classic on TCM.

Sabrina loves trying new recipes. She’ll take all your recipe recommendations!

Sabrina LOVES classic movies. TCM is almost always on at her house.

Sabrina is an aspiring writer and believes strongly in giving back.

Sabrina has two pups: Liz and Lily Love