Stephanie Gray

Get to Know Stephanie

Stephanie Gray is an engaging and charismatic trainer, facilitator, speaker and coach with diverse business experience spanning the entertainment, medical device sales, and automotive marketing industries. Stephanie now fulfills her greatest purpose by motivating and guiding professionals to reach their full potential through learning and development workshops and individualized coaching. With an innate knack for storytelling, Stephanie leads with a jovial sense of humor and shares personal anecdotes to drive lessons home. Borrowing from her prior experience interviewing A-list celebrities, Stephanie knows how to elicit participation and engagement from even the toughest audience. As a supportive mentor and trusted leader, she brings a wealth of knowledge in all areas of communication, leadership, sales, and team collaboration.

When she isn’t delivering training, Stephanie is most likely eating large quantities of food in a single sitting. You can also find her running outside (…or walking, if she’s feeling less ambitious), enjoying live music, or treating herself to a Korean body scrub. A proponent of a healthy work-life balance, Steph is always interested to hear about great international vacation destinations.

Stephanie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.  You wont see her on your presidential ticket!

When she was a TV host, there wasn’t a single celebrity Stephanie hadn’t interviewed. Now, she has no idea who half of the celebrities are! 

Burgers are her favorite food. She can eat 2 double-doubles (animal style) and animal fries from In-n-Out in a single sitting.

Stephanie has never had a cavity or broken a bone in her life.