The Tea on Training Trends for 2024

Gartner [1] recently published nine predictions that HR should focus on this year, ranging from topics of AI to DEI to career trajectory. As a learning company, we think the best way to equip employees with essential skills is through application. Read up on some of our favorite predictions and how our courses match perfectly with the competencies outlined:

🤝 Employee Conflict Resolution is New Must-Have Skill for Managers

Gartner outlines the need for mediation between employees as tensions rise with global and domestic crises. Where empathy may have been the leading skills for managers in 2023, conflict resolution seems to hold most importance this year.


This program shows how to lay the foundation for honest communication, trust, and meaningful feedback throughout your organization and across all levels.

This program provides guidance in respectfully resolving issues with colleagues, managers, clients and execs.

This engaging program gives professionals the inside secrets for mastering interpersonal relationships at work with success.

📈 Skills Overtake Degrees as the Paper Ceiling Crumbles

Fewer companies are requiring college degrees for jobs, instead switching to skills-based hiring and upskilling their employees once on the job. JB has seen an uptick in our bundled learning curriculum, especially with early career audiences.


This engaging program offers professionals the skills to exude confidence and strong presence in any situation.

This highly-engaging program offers specific tools to make the first days on the job a lot easier.

This fast-paced program offers practical solutions to the daily challenges of working as efficiently as you possibly can.

⚖️ DEI Doesn’t Disappear, It Becomes the Way We Work

Progress in DEI may have stalled due to various priorities and even legislation within certain states, but it’s here to stay as an active practice. The principles of inclusivity, equity, allyship, and awareness will embed themselves into company culture completely.


This engaging program challenges managers to build their DEI toolbox and intentionally foster inclusion at work.

Bias busters, unconscious bias hacks, and hands-on activities make this an unforgettable and powerful program.

This thought-provoking course empowers attendees with the knowledge and tools to champion a culture of belonging.

🪜 Career Stereotypes Collapse in the Face of Workforce Change

Companies will watch the traditional corporate ladder fall in exchange for a more malleable career journey with an increase in the gig economy, demand for flexibility, and reduced work hours in pursuit of better work/life balance. Retention efforts of the past won’t work; the emphasis becomes employee wellness and providing growth opportunities.


This eye-opening program takes the guesswork out of working across the generations and offers tactical advice to promote collaboration among multigenerational teams.

This dynamic program provides tangible ideas to arm your managers with to increase engagement and retain their employees.

This program empowers managers to find balance in their approach with employees.