Topics That Will Reinvigorate RTO Plans and Remote Workforces Alike

As the landscape of work continues to evolve with more structured “in-office days” becoming the norm, equipping employees with the essential skills and strategies becomes paramount for organizational success.

JB’s courses are designed to empower professionals to navigate the nuances of working among dispersed teams, balancing a need for culture and collaboration while prioritizing productivity and processes.

Change is not easy. When an organization transforms the way it does business, there is a rollercoaster of emotions and reactions – and not that many smiley face emojis. Even when the change is needed, the transition can be difficult, frustrating and even immobilizing if it isn’t handled properly. As a leader, how do you manage the stages of change and share a clear vision of hope and certainty? How do you lead your team forward confidently and assertively and keep morale high along the way?

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The biggest complaint we hear from managers is that they struggle to find the time to lead and support their team. They have good intentions, but the time slips away or gets squeezed each day by urgent demands. So how can managers break this vicious cycle and carve out that critical time for their team? In this fast-paced program, we share numerous leadership, time management, and productivity hacks to incorporate right away. We proactively bust the myth that there isn’t any time (there is!) and drive ROI through teams starting today.

Also available for Individual Contributors:

Many are still struggling with new operating procedures like how to strike the right cadence of communication with colleagues, how to make the most of virtual/hybrid meetings, and how to set and manage expectations while working remotely. How do you create the same magic of in-person team building online? How do you foster culture, maintain productivity, and continue to function as a high-performing team – even when you’re not all in the same room?

There are four generations in the workplace, all with different assets that can help your team thrive, if you know how to unlock that potential. Millennial managers are working side-by-side gritty Gen Z interns and new hires, and independent Generation Xers are clashing with team-oriented Boomers. With the new world of hybrid work, the Great Resignation, and burnout on the rise, understanding how to collaborate with all generations is integral to engaging and retaining great employees.

With the pace of resignations hovering near an all-time high, it’s time to rethink the outdated retention strategies we’ve been relying on and prioritize the approaches that are creating real value for employees. Modern management is all about engaging on a personal-level, empowering on a team-level, and recognizing high-performers.

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