Need for Speed

Using Time with Ruthless Efficiency

You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé. Unfortunately, unlike Beyoncé, you don’t have the extensive support staff to handle all the urgent tasks coming through your email and calendar every day. Most of us are consumed by “fire-drills” that take away the crucial time needed to work on important strategies. Fortunately, by reframing your mindset, you can focus on what is truly important, beat procrastination, and complete projects with ruthless efficiency.

In this practical and power-packed course, participants take a look at the biggest time takers and brainstorm ways to get their precious time back. Just think – there are so many emails, meetings, interruptions, and demands! How do you manage the information overload? How can you ensure every meeting is purposeful and succinct? How do you prevent yourself from drowning in email? The good news is that you can learn how to decrease anxiety and improve productivity through creative and disciplined approaches. Since procrastination is one of the most prominent time wasters, participants learn how even the biggest procrastinator can combat and conquer this way of thinking through effective planning and time management.


 Participants leave this program with the ability to: 

  • Recognize and resolve factors slowing your productivity
  • Plan days to create time blocks and take advantage of natural energy waves
  • Escape procrastination traps of “I hate it” and “I don’t get it”
  • Manage internal distractions and outside interruptions
  • Exert more control over last minute requests and redo’s
  • Improve meeting timeliness and effectiveness


 This fast-paced program offers practical solutions to the daily challenges of working as efficiently as you possibly can.


Partial-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants


Team Performance

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