Valeyne Grotrian

Get to Know Valeyne

Valeyne (aka Val) is an energetic facilitator and certified executive leadership coach bringing 20+ years of collective HR, Operations, Business Development and Sales experience across six industries. It will come as no surprise that her approach is deeply informed by real-world experiences, having served teams of up to 40 direct reports and walking alongside executives to set the strategic direction for organizations ranging from 500 to 35,000+ employees.

As a proponent of the belief that “workplace well-being creates exceptional business outcomes,” Val gets pretty excited to evolve leadership capability to make this a reality for any organization she serves. Above all, Valeyne aims to create a brave training space where people can be inspired and equipped to break down barriers, build bridges, and create a fresh vision for tomorrow – with joy, lightness and fun!

Valeyne is currently based in the Chicagoland area with her husband and her Labrador, Kihei. As an adventurous family they love wind-surfing, sailing, sunset watching and sharks-teeth hunting on any sunny beach, any day of the week.

Valeyne is a shark tooth collector.

Valeyne loves aviation. She knows most US airport codes and can teach you how to marshall and deice an airplane safely.

Valeyne was once stung by over 100 Hornets and lived to tell about it.

Valeyne first water skied at age 6 and started windsurfing at 20.