Why Superpowers Belong in the Workplace

By: Anna Meehan Client Service Manager

Does every company’s annual performance review include the question: “What is your super power?”

…Nope? Maybe that’s just us.

When I first saw this question as I prepared for my end-of-year meeting with Courtney, JB Training’s President, I considered the usual suspects – Power of flight? Nope, not that. Mind-reading? No, unfortunately not. My mind raced with superhero characters and the myriad of mighty gifts they possessed. What did these super powers have in common? They were powerful forces of good, they elevated the people around them, and they were inherently unique. These are the exact same characteristics of Super Powers in the Workplace.

So how can you identify YOUR super power? Think about what you do to make your team, department, and organization better. What personality trait, perspective, or skill do you possess that strengthens your team? Consider that characteristic that is NOT on your job description, but that you bring to the office every day. Perhaps it’s your empathy or forward-thinking disposition or creativity. Reflect on what you bring to the table that is rare. Do you have something in mind? That could just be your super power!

Once you’ve identified your super power, how do you own it? 

Take on projects that highlight your superpower. 

Does your process-oriented mind set you apart from your team? Maybe you offer to take a critical look at an outdated process that hasn’t been updated in a few months (or years).

Consider your super power as your own unique perspective. 

When in team meetings, filter your thoughts and ideas through the lens of this power. Contribute to discussion when you see things differently, and utilize it as a way to empower diversity of thought.

Build a goal around strengthening it. 

As you set professional goals, include one around amplifying your super strength. Tie it into your company’s goals or mission, or make it a theme for all aspects of your life.

How do you empower the super powers on your team?

Delegate projects that could benefit from someone else’s super powers. 

Is your direct report a strategy wizard? Let them take the first pass at drafting the team’s quarterly or monthly goals. See what they come up with and coach them after to strengthen their power.

Create a dialogue about it.

Ask everyone to share what their super power is during a team meeting and find ways to bond over it. Sharing personal triumphs and interests will help lead the team to ultimately be more effective and cohesive.

Throughout this process, I determined that my super power is the positivity I bring to JB Training Solutions. On tough days (we all have them), I try to encourage our team to look on the bright side and assume the best. While this question may not show up on your next performance review, I encourage you to open up your next team meeting with this question: What is your super power?